Here foloweth servynge of flesshe.

The server must serve & from the borde convey all maner of potages metes and sauces & every daye comon with the coke and understonde & wyte how many dysshes shall be and speke with the panter and offycers of the spycery for fruytes that shall be eten fastynge. Than goo to the borde of servynge and se ye have offycers redy to convey and servauntes for to bere your dysshes. Also yf marshall savyers and servantes of armes be there than serve forth your sovrayne withouten blame.


Fyrste sette ye forth mustarde and brawne potage bege motton stewed. Fesande, swanne, capon, pygge, venyson bake, custarde, leche and lombarde.Fruyter baunte with a subtylte two potages blaunche manger and gelly. For Standarde venyson roste kydde fawne and cony, bustarde storke crane pecocke with his tayle heronserve bytture woodcocke partryche plouer rabet tes grete byrdes larkes, doucettes paynpuffe whyte leche ambre, gelly creme of almondes, curle we brewe snytes quayle sparowe martynet perche in gelly, pety perups quynces bake, leche dewgarde fruyter fayge blandrelles or pepyns with carawaye in cometes wafers and hypocras they be agreeable, Now this feest is done voyde ye the table.

Here endeth the servynge of flesshe. And begynneth the kervynge of flessshe

The kerver must knowe the dervynge and the fayre handlynge of a knyfe and how ye shall feche all maner of fowle, your knyfe must be sayre and your hands must be clene & sasse not two fingers & a thombe upon your knyfe. In the myddes of your honde set the hafte sure vnlassynge & mynsynge with two fyngers & a thombe kervynge of brede layenge & boydying of crommes with two fyngers and a thombe, loke ye have the cure, set never on fysshe, flesshe, beest ne fowle more than twoe fyngers and thombe, than take your lofe in your left honde & holde your knyge surely inbrawe not the table clothe, but wype upon youre napkyn, than take the trenchoure lofe in youre lefte honde and with the edge of your table knyfe take by tyour trenchours as nye the poynt as ye may, than lay foure trenchoures to your soverayne one by as other and laye theron other soure trenchoures or elles twayne than take a lofe in your left hone & pare the lofe roude about than cut the over cruste to your soverayne and cut the nether druste & voyde the parenge & touche the lofe no more after it is so served than clense the table that the server may serve your soverayne. Also ye muste knowe the fumosytees of fysshe flesshe and floules & all maner of sauces accordynge to theyr appetytes, these ben the fumosytees salte soure resty fatte fryed senerves skynnes hony croupes yonge feders heedes pynyons bones all maner of legges of beestes & fowels the better syde for these ben fumosytees laye them never to your soverayne.


Take your knyfe in your honde and cut brawne in the dysshe as it lyeth & laye it on your soveraynes trenchour & se there be mustarde. Venyson with fourmenty is good for your soverayne touche not the venyson with your honde but with your knyfe cut it.?????? with the edge of your knyfe and cut it out in to the fourmenty, doo in the same wyse with person & bacon, befe chyne and motton, pare the befe cut the motton & laye it to your soverayne, beware of fomylytees, salte senewe fatte resty & rawe. In syrupe fesande partryche stokdove & chekyns, in the left honde take them by the pynyon & with the foreparte of your knyfe syfte up your wynges, than mynce it in to the syrupe, beware of skynne rawe & senewe. Goos tele malarde & swanne reyse the legges than the wynges, laye the body in the myddes or in an other plater, thewynges in the myddes & the legges after, lay the brawne bytwene the legges & the wynges in the plater. Capon or henne of grece syfte the legges than the wynges & caste on wyne or ale than mynce the wynge & gyve your soverayne. Fesande partryche plover & lap winge reyse the wynges & after the legges. Woodcocke bytture egryt snyte curlewe & heronserve unlace theym breke of the pynyons necke & becke, than reyse the legges & let the fetebe on styll than the wynges. A crane syse the wynges fyrst & beware of the trumpe of his brest. Pecocke storke bustarde & shouyllarde nlace them as a crane & lette the fete be on styl. Quayle sparow larke mertynet pygyon swalowe & thrusshe the legges fyrste than the wynges Fawne kydde and lambe laye the kydney to your soverayne than lyfte up the sholder & gyve your soverayne a rybbe. Venyson roste cut it in the dysshe & laye it to your soverayne. & cony lay him on the backe cut away the ventes bytwene the hynder legges breke the canell bone than reyse the sydes than laye & cony in the wombe on eche syde the chyne the two sydes departed from the chyne tha laye the bulke chyne & sydes in the dysshe So ye must mynce foure lesses to one morcets of mete that your soverayne may take it in the sauce. All bake metes that ben hote open them above the coffyn & all that ben colde open them in they mydwaye. Custarde cheke them inche square that yoru soverayne ma ete thereof. Doucettes pare away the sydes & bottome beware of fumosytees. Fruyter vaunte fruyters ben good hote: and all colde fruyters touche not. Tansey is good hote wortes or gruell of befe or of motton is good. Gelly mortrus creme of almondes blauche manget Jussel and charlet cabage and nombles of dere ben good & all other potage and serves beware of.

Here endeth the cervynge of flesshe. And beginneth sauces for all maner of fowles.

Mustarde is good wyth brawne befe chyne bacon & motton. Vergyus is good to boyled chekyns and capon. Swanne with chawdrongs, rybbes of befe with garlyke mustarde peper vergyus gynger, sauce to lambe pygge of fawne mustard & suger to fesande partryche and conye, sauce gamelyne to heron sewe egryt plouer & crane, to brese curlewe salte suger & water of tame, to bustarde shovyllarde a bytturre sauce gamelyne, woodcocke lapwynge larke quayle mertynet venyson and snyte with whyte salte, sparowes & throstelles with salte & synamon, thus with all metes sauces shall have the operacyons.

Here endeth the sauces of all maner of foules and metes