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We welcome you to the webhome of House Golden Oar, headed by The Honourable Cato of Lennox and The Honourable Lady Melbrigda Leifurdottir. Here you will find out more about House Golden Oar and the members thereof.

OK, the above was mearly for fun and I thought they were cute. In actuality the members of House Golden Oar strive for authenticity. Slowly as we emerge back into the flow of things we are transferring our more modern items for those more period.

If you are seeking The Boke of Kervynge you can click <<<<------ there or for an easier read click here. I hope you enjoy the work that I have gone through to put this into wide access. It is still a work in progress and as I get time I will be doing updates. Eventually the copy in Old English font will be even more exact of the copy!