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GSJudithSiegal: One of the leaders in the chat room here in Chicago said that she and her
husband dance in the

GSJudithSiegal: kitchen too. All of these are expressions of love.
LLLChat1: We have just a few more minutes before we will need to close this chat.
LLLChat1: Do we have a final question for Judity Siegal?
LLLChat1: Sorry, Judith Siegal
GSJudithSiegal: Actually, my last name is spelled Siegel.
LLLChat1: oops, I'm sorry about that too.
MsAHS4ABF: is this a British culture kind of issue?Traditions may get in the way
: This sounds like a great subject for my next book - ways of expressing love
from around the world

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bevlll: I don't think so - they both put it down to 'inadequate' parenting they received.
GSJudithSiegal: Thanks for all the ideas and examples .
LLLChat1: We would like to thank Judith Siegal for this chance to chat with us.
LLLChat1: Please stick around for our next scheduled chat Wise Women as Mentors with
Pamela Emmer

IngramInAR: thanks for taking the time to chat with us Judith!
bevlll: thanks. bye
LLLChat1: bye bev
GSJudithSiegal: hi it is sandee
iona146: Thanks Judith nice to be able to talk with people in Chicago from hot Tokyo at

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GSJudithSiegal: it is hot and muggy here too
LLLChat1: Isn't this a great way to share in the conference?
IngramInAR: yes!
GSJudithSiegal: it is a humid heat Sandy
LLLChat1: And here as well (Southern Alabama 105 today)
GSJudithSiegal: bye from the tech room
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MsAHS4ABF: Overcast here a day after a .3 earthquake
: oh my!
LLLChat1: Thank you all for coming. We need to close this room to prepare for the next

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