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And here begynneth the servynge of fisshe

The fyrst course.

To goo to servynge of the fysshe musculade menewes in serve of porpas or of samon bacon hetynge with suger grene fysshe pyke lampraye falens porpas rosted bake guranarde and lampraye bake

The seconde course.

Gelly whyte and reed dates in comfetes congre lamon dorrey brytte torbot hhalybut, for standarde base troute molette chevene sole eles and lamprayes roost tenche in gelly.

The thyrde course.

Fresshe sturgyon breme perche in gelly a Joll of samon sturgyon and welkes apples & rasyns dates capte with mynced gynger, wafers and Hypocras they ben agreable, this feest is done voyde ye the table.

Here endeth servynge of fysshe. And here foloweth kervynge of fysshe.

The kerver of fysshe must se to pessene and foutmentye the tayle and the lyver ye must loke yf there be a salte purpos or sele turrentyne & do after the fourme of venyson, baken herynge laye it hole upon your soveraynes trenchour, whyte herynge in a dysshe open it by the backe pyke out the bones & the rowe & se there be mustarde. If salte fysshe greme fysshe salte samon & congre pare awaye the skyn, salte fysshe stocke fysshe marlynge makrell and bake with butter take awaye the bones & skynnes. & Pyke laye the wombe upon his trenchour with pyke sauce ynoughe. & salte lampraye gobone it flatte in. vii or viiii peces & laye it to your soverayne. & playce put out the water, than crosse hym with your knyfe cast on salte & wyne or al.e. Gornarde rochet breme chevene base molet roche perche sole makrell & whytynge haddocke and codlynge reyse theym by the backe & pyke out the bones & clense the refet in the belly. Carpe breme sole & troute backe & belly together. Samon congre sturgyon turbot thorpole torbake hounde fysshe & halybut cut them in the dysshe as the porpas abouthe, tenche in his sayce cut it eles & lamprayes roost pull of the synne pyke out the bones thereto vynegre and soudre. & crabbe breke hym in sonder in to the dysshe make the shelle clene & put in the stuffe agayne tempre it with vynegre & pouder than cover it with brede and sende it to the kytcheyn to hete, than set it to your soverayne and breke the grete clawes and laye them in a dysshe. & creves drght hym thys departe hym a sonder & slytte the belly and take out the fysshe pare away the reed skynne and mynce it thynne put vynegre in the dysshe and set it on the table without hete. & Jol of of sturgyon cut it in the thynne morselles & laye it roude aboute the dysshe. Fresshe lamprayne bake open the sasty, than take whyte brede and cut it thynne & laye it in a dysshe & with a spone take out galentyne & laye it upon the brede with reed wyne & pouder of synamon, than cut a gobone fo the lamraye & mynce the gobone thynne and laye it in the galentyne than set it upon the fyre to hete. Fresshe herynge with salte & wyne, shrympes well pyked flouders gogyons menewes & muscles eles and lamprayes sprottes is good in sewe, musculade in wortes, oysters in ceuy oysters in gravy menewes & porpas samon & seele gelly whyte and reed cremem and almondes dates in comfetes peres in quinces in syrupe with percely rotes mortrus of houndes fysshe ryse standynge.

Here endeth the kervynge of fysshe. And here begynneth sauces for all maner of fysshe.

Mustarde is good for salte herynge salte fysshe salte congre samon sparlynge salte ele & lynge vynegre is good wyth salte porpas turrentyne salte, sturgyon salte therepole & salte wale, lampray with galentyne, vergyus to roche dace breme molet base flouders sole crabbe & chevene with pouder of synamon, to thormebacke herynge hounderfysshe haddocke whytynge & codde vyndegre pouder and synamon & gynger greme sauce is good with grene fysshe and halybut cottell and fresshe turbot, put not your grene sauce away for it is good with mustarde.