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Here begynneth the feestes and servyce from Easter unto Whytsondaye

On Eester day & so forth to Pentecost after the Servynge of the table there shall be set brede trenchours and spones after the estymacyon of them that shall syt there and thus ye shall serve your soverayne laye trencours before hym, if he be a grete estate lay fyve trenchours & he be of lower degre foure trenchours & of an other degre thre trenchours, than cut brede for your soverayne after he know his condecyons where it be cutte in the myddes or pared or elles for to be cut in small peces. Also ye must understonde how the merte shall be served before your soverayne & namely on Eester Daye after the governaunce & servyce of the countre where ye were borne. Fyrste on that daye ye shall serve a calfe loden and blessyd, and tthan soden egges with grene sauce and set them before the moost pryncypall estate, and that lorde because of his hyghe estate shall departe them all aboute hym, than serve potage as wortes Jowetes or browes with befe motton or vele, & capons that ben coloured with saffron and bake metes. And in the seconde course Jussell with mamony and rosted edovred, & pegyons with bake metes as tartes chewettes & fawnes & other after the dysposycyon of hte kokes. And at soupertyme dyvers sauces of motton or vele in broche after the ordynaunce of the stewarde and than chekyns with bacon vele rost pegyons or lambe and pygges fete with vynegre & precely theron & a tansey fryed & other bake metes, ye shall understande this maner of servyce dureth to Pentecost save fysshe dayes. Also take hede how ye shall araye these thynges before your soverayne, fyrst ye shall se there be grene sauces of sorellor of vynes that is holde of sauce for the fyrst course, and ye shall begyn to reyse the capon.

Here endeth the feest of Eester tyll Pentecost. And here begynneth kervynge of all maner of fowles.

Sauce that capon

Take up a capon & lyfte up the ryght legge and the ryght wynge & so araye hy forth & laye hy in the plater as he sholde flee & serve your soverayne & know well that capons or chekyns ben arayed after one save the chekyns shall be sauced with grene sauce or bergyus.

Lyfte that Swanne.

Take and dyghte hym as a goose but let hym have a largyour brawne & loke ye have chawdron.

Alaye that fesande.

Take a fesande and seyse his legges & his wynges as it were an henne & no sauce but onely salte.

Wynge that partryche.

Take a partryche and reyse his legges and his wynges as a henne & mynce hym sauce hym with wyne poudre of gynger & salte than set it upon a chaufyng dysshe of coles to warme and serve it.

Wynge that quayle.

Take a quale and reyse his legges and his winges as an henne and no sauce but salte.

Dysplaye that crane.

Take a crane and unfolde his legges and cut of his wynges by the Joyntes, than take up his wynges and his legges & sauce him with powders of gynger mustard vynegre and salte.

Dysmembre that heron

Take an heron and reyse his legges and his wynges as a crane and sauce hym with vynegre mustarde poudre of gynger and salte.

Unjoynte that bytture

Take a bytture & seyse his legges & his wynges as an heron and no sauce but salte only.

Breke that egryt.

Take an egryt and reyse his legges and his wynges as an heron and no sauce but salte

Untache that curlewe.

Take a curlewe and reyse his legges and his wynges as an henne and no sauce but salte.

Untache that brewe.

Take a brewe and reyse his legges and his wynges in the same maner and no sauce but onely salte & serve your soverayne.

Unlace that cony.

Take a cony and laye hym on the backe & cut awaye the ventes, than reyse the wynges and the sydes and laye bulke chyne and the sydes together sauce vynegre and poudre of gynger.

Breke that Sarsell.

Take a sarsell or a teele and reyse his wynges and his legges and no sauce but sale onely.

Mynce that plover.

Take a plover and reyse his legges and his wynges as an henne and no sauce but onely salte

A snyte.

Take a snyte and reyse his wynges his legges and his sholders as a plover and no sauce but salte.

Thye that woodcocke

Take a woodecocke & reyse his legges and his wynges as an henne this done thyght the drayne. And here begynneth the feest from Pentecost unto mydsomer.

In the seconde course for the metes before layd ye shall take for your sauces wyne ale vynegre and pouders after the mete be & gynger & canell from Pentecost to the feest of saynt Johan babtyst. **The fyrst course shall be befe motton soden with capons or rosted & yf the capons be soden araye hym in the maner aforesayd. And whan he is rosted though must caste on salte with wyne or with ale, than take the capon by the legges & caste on the sauce a breke hym out & laye hym in a dysshe as he sholde flee. Fyrst ye shall cut the ryght legge & the ryghte sholder & bytwenethe foure membres laye the brawne of the capon with the croupe in the ende bytwene the legges as it were possyble for to be Joyned agayne together & other bake metes after. And in the seconde sourse potage shall be Jussell charlet or mortrus with yonge geese vele porke pegyons or chekyns rosted with payne puffe, fruyters and other bake metes after the ordynance of the boke. Also the goose ought to be cut membre to membre begynnynge at the ryght legge & soo forth under the ryghte wynge & not upon the Joynte above & it ought for to be eten with greme garlyke or with soreil or tender wynes or veryus in somer season after the pleasure of your soverayne. Also ye shall understande that all maner of fowle that hathe hole fete sholde be reysed gather the wynge and not above.

Here endeth the feest from Pentecost to mydsomer.

And here begynneth from the feest of saynt John the baptyst unto Myghelmasse.

IN the fyrst course potage wortes gruell & foumentry with venyson and mortrus and pestelles of porke with greme sauce. Rosted capon swanne with chawdron. In the seconde sourse potage after the ordynaunce of the cokes with rosted motton vele porke chekyns or endoured pygyons heron serves fruyters or other bake metes, and take hede to the fesande he shall be arayed in the maner of a capon, but it shall be done drye wiythout ony moysture and he shall be eten with salte and pouder of gynger. and the heronsewe shall be arayed in the same maner without ony moysture and he sholde be eten with salte and poudre. Also ye shall understande that all maner of fowles havynge open clawes as capon shall be tyred and arayed as a capon and suche other.

From the feest of saynt Myghell unto the feest of Crystmasse.

In the first course potage befe motton bacon or pestelles of porke or with gose capon mallarde swanne or fesande as it is before sayd with tartes or bake metes or chynes of porke. In the seconde course potage ortrus or conyes or fewe, than roost flesshe motton porke vele pullettes chekyns pygyons teeles wegyons mallardes partyche woodcocke plover bytture curlewe heronsewe venyson roost grete byrdes lnytes feldefayres thrusshes fruyters chewettes befe with sauce gelopere roost with sauce pegyll & other bake metes as it is aforesayed. And yf ye kerve afore your lorde or your lady ony soden flesshe kerve awaye the skynne above, than kerve resonably of the fleshe to your lorde or lady & specyally for ladyes for they wyll soone be angry for theyr thoughtes ben soone chaunged, and some lordes wyll soone be pleased & some wyll not, as they be of complesion. The goose & swanne may be cut as ye do other fowles & have hole fete or elles as your lorde or your lady wylle aske it. Also a swanne ????? capon or fesande ought for to be arayed as it is afore sayd, but the skynne must be had awaye, & whan they ben kerved before your lorde or your lady, fo generally the skynne of all maner hole foted foweles ben holsome for to be eate. Also wyte ye well that al maner holed foted foweles that have theyr lyvyng upon the water theyr skynnes ben holsome & clene for by the clenes of the water & fysshe is theyr lyvynge. And yf that they ete ony stynkynge thynge it is made so clene with the water that all the corrupcyon is clene gone away from it. And the skynne of capon henne or chekyn ben not so clene for they ete foule thynges in the strete, & therefore theyr skynnes ben not holsome, for it is not theyr kynde to entre in to the ryver to make theyr mete voyde of the fylth. Mallarde goose or swanne they ete upon the londe foule mete, but anone after theyr kyde they go in to the ryver & there they clense them of theyr foule stynke. & Fesande as it is afore sayd, but the skynne is not holsome, than take the heedes of all felde byrdes and wood byrdes and fesande pecocke partryche woodcocke and curlewe for they ete in theyr degrees foule thynges as wormes todes and other suche.

Here endeth the feestes and the kervynge of flesshe.